Field Maintenance

Daily Field Maintenance

During the fall, EYBL invested a considerable amount of money in the restoration and renovation of Jaycee, Baxter, Hurley, Lusardi and Santos Fields. They are now in as good a shape as they've ever been in recent memory. In order to keep the fields looking and playing great, we must perform a few small tasks before, during and after games. If we can all spend a few minutes every day taking care of our fields, they will remain some of the best in Southeastern Massachusetts for years to come.

EYBL has a dedicated grounds crew that tries to drag and line every field prior to game play. But it is not a professional grounds crew, and everything doesn't always get done. If the field appears to have not been dragged or lined, it is your responsibility. Most parents are happy to help but don't necessarily know what needs to be done, or how to do it, so the instructions and videos below are meant to help.

Lining the Field

Chalking Lines Youtube Video

  • A stake and string should be in the maintenance shed behind Baxter.
  • Stake one end of the string at the back of home plate and then run string down foul line.
  • String should run alongside outside of 1st base and 3rd base.
  • Line chalk and 3-wheel line chalk machine should be in maintenance shed as well.
  • Batter's box template is in maintenance shed.
  • Batter's box should be approx 2" wide, basepath lines approx 4". You can adjust the width and amount that comes out of the chalk machine.
  • Outfield foul line needs to be spray painted. Aerosol cans can also be found in maintenance shed along with paint liner machine. Outside lines only need to be done when paint has faded.

Dragging & Raking Fields


  • Drag mats are in the scoring sheds or the maintenance shed next to Baxter Field. Please note that dragging the field prior to the game isn't a necessity, but improves playing conditions.
  • For Jaycee  you can attach the drag mat to the gator to expedite the process. Please do not drag by edges as it will spray field conditioner/dirt into grass and ruing the lip.
  • Hand rake the heavy-traffic areas. These include: home plate; the pitcher's mound; first base; second base; and third base. Rakes are in the scoring shed. This can be a team activity, i.e. you designate two or three players per game to rake the heavy-traffic areas. The goal of raking these areas is to smooth out the playing service and replace any dirt that might have been displaced.
  • Hand rakes should be used on 1st base and 3rd base lines and along edges around field.

Fixing and Maintaining the Pitcher's Mound

Repairing Mounds Youtube Video

  • Clear dirt/field conditioner from holes that need to be repaired.
  • Spray areas with water using hand pump found in maintenance shed (there is a hose on right wall).
  • Apply red clay to moistened areas.
  • Tamp down as needed with tamper found in tool shed.
  • Scrap excess with hula hoe/stirrup hoe.
  • Moisten clay fixed spots.
  • Cover repaired area with field conditioner.

Batter's Box Repair

  • There is dirt by Hurley that can be used to fill in worn areas.
  • If there a significant divot in batters box or behind batters box, utilize red clay as a base using same process as pitching mound repair.
  • Once repair is complete cover with field conditioner.

Using Field Conditioner

Found on a pallet in the Shed next to Baxter. Should be just a thin topcoat. Used for touch up areas as needed, or use to dry up puddles if they develop.


  • Please make sure kids clean out the dugouts (gum wrappers, sunflower seed bags, Gatorade bottle, etc).
  • Rake out areas as needed.
  • Replace tarps for home plate and pitcher's mound. This can also be a team activity. This should be done even if there isn't rain in the forecast.

Finally, for the younger divisions- please discourage players from damaging the field in any way. Younger players have a tendency to dig holes in the dirt or pull up clumps of grass.

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