The Peter Spiliakos Award

   The Peter Spiliakos Award is given annually to a player from the Cooperstown and Majors divisions that exhibit the most improvement over the course of a season. Coaches cannot nominate players from their own team. Instead those players that have been given the Peter Spiliakos award have been recognized for their achievements by coaches of opposing teams in their respective division.  These players have stood out to those coaches as someone that has either gained confidence, accepted coaching and improved in one or more aspects of the game or embraced the commitment it takes to get better at baseball.

   The award is named after Peter Spiliakos. Peter was a cherished husband, father (sons Ari and Kosta pcitured below), friend, active Easton community member and coach and mentor in the Easton Youth Baseball League. Peter passed away on July 11, 2017. This award honors his memory.

The 2020 & 2021 Peter Spiliakos Award Winners 

(Announced at the January 3, 2022 EYBL Board Meeting)

2021 Majors Winner - Tyler Haynes & Coach Sean Smith (A's)

2021 Cooperstown Winner - Ben Girard and Coach John Dennison (Twins)

2020 Majors Winner - Connor Hedrick & Coach Tom Corey (Pirates)

2020 Cooperstown Winner - Dylan Israel (Astros) & League President Harry Fitzpatrick

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