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Any other questions contact: Easton Youth Baseball Executive Board

Please note: all age requirements follow Cal Ripken Baseball rules and are not at the discretion of Easton Youth Baseball League. 

Instructional League Division; 6 & 7 Year Old Division (7-year olds have option to play Instructional or Farm Division - we recommend that beginner players enroll in Instructional - contact to arrange for 7-year old Instructional registration)  

Instructional is a player's first introduction to baseball, and the main objective is FUN!  

 At Bat:

  • Swing the bat
  • "Hit a pitched ball"
  •  Run the bases (in the right direction!)
  • Score the runs

In the Field:                         

  • Catch or field the ball
  • Force-outs and tag outs
  • Learn all positions in the field
  • Play in the right positions (no defensive shifting)

Farm League Division; 7 & 8 Year Old Division

The Farm Division builds on the introductory experience of the Instructional Division and introduces players to more of the team strategy of baseball.

At Bat:               

  • Hit a pitched ball
  • Swing at strikes

In The Field:      

  • Retire the side with three outs
  • Play all positions during the year
  • Develop feel for the rhythm of the game to be aware of situations

Cooperstown League Division; 9-11 Year Old Division (some 12 year olds may also play Cooperstown)

The Cooperstown Division allows players to play a competitive level of baseball while continuing to develop as players. Emphasis is on development, competition and sportsmanship. 

Major League Division; 10-12 Year Old Division

The Major League Division allows players to play our most competitive level of baseball. Emphasis is on both competition and sportsmanship. Players are selected in a yearly draft.

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