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Instructional League Division; 6 & 7 Year Old Division   

Instructional is a player's first introduction to baseball, and the main objective is FUN!  

 At Bat:

  • Swing the bat
  • "Hit a pitched ball"
  •  Run the bases (in the right direction!)
  • Score the runs

In the Field:                                 

  • Catch or field the ball
  • Force-outs and tag outs
  • Learn all positions in the field
  • Play in the right positions (no defensive shifting)

Farm League Division; 8 Year Old Division

The Farm Division builds on the introductory experience of the Instructional Division and introduces players to more of the team strategy of baseball.

At Bat:               

  • Hit a pitched ball
  • Swing at strikes

In The Field:      

  • Retire the side with three outs
  • Play all positions during the year
  • Develop feel for the rhythm of the game to be aware of situations

Minor League Division; 9 Year Old Division

The Minor Division prepares players for the Cooperstown and Major Divisions.

The emphasis is on learning the skills and the knowledge necessary to play baseball. This should be a fun, educational experience. Players should learn about sportsmanship and develop a healthy attitude toward competition. The Division is competitive and standings are kept. All teams make the playoffs at the end of the regular season.  Seeding for the playoffs is based upon the finish of the teams during the regular season.

At Bat

  • Hit a pitched ball, swing at strikes and learn how to bunt.

In Field:

  • Play the infield and outfield positions.
  • Throw the ball to the correct base/cutoff position and develop pitchers.

Cooperstown League Division; 10-12 Year Old Division

The Cooperstown Division allows players to play a competitive level of baseball while continuing to develop as players. Emphasis is on development, competition and sportsmanship. 

Major League Division; 10-12 Year Old Division

The Major League Division allows players to play our most competitive level of baseball. Emphasis is on both competition and sportsmanship. Players are selected in a yearly draft.

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