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EYBL offers advertising opportunities on every field in our complex. They are located on the outfield fence, facing the field and are approximately 8'-0" wide by 4'-0" tall. In order to make the banner we require a 3 year commitment from each sponsor, for a total cost over the 3 years of $1,200. $800 dollars is due with the initial commitment to help us have the banner made, $400 will be automatically invoiced to you the second year, and no cost for the third year. After your third year we will contact you each spring with the option to renew annually for $400.

EYBL provides baseball programs to approximately 500 children from Easton during the spring, we also host a summer tournament for teams from other towns once the spring season is over. Banners provide an excellent opportunity to show your company's support of the youth athletes of Easton.

If you have special requirements or custom artwork/logo to be printed on the banner, please indicate so on your order and an EYBL representative will be in touch.

Product Options: Do you have custom artwork/logo to be printed on banner: Yes, No

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